Becoming a Sissy Fuck Doll part 2

Back in November I posted the first part of becoming a sissy fuck doll. That first post was all about applying makeup to make you look like the perfect little porcelain doll. I think having that clean look would only amplify the desire to turn your into a full blow sissy fuck doll.

I had intentions of posting part two shortly thereafter, but time got away from me. ‘Tis the life of a mistress!

So to continue your sissy doll training, here is part two.

Part 2 consists of tying you up, either in self bondage or with another friend and using different devices to really OPEN yourself up to whomever wants to use you as their sissy fuck toy.


If you like the self bondage route, there are ice locks that you can find. Some will bind the locks for about 2 hours or until the ice freezes and the other will freeze the keys in ice and you can only get to them when they defrost.

I think it would be best if you set up everything prior to putting those final locks on.

Get yourself a spreader bar that goes into your mouth that forces it wide open. Make sure it is in there nice and secure.

Have the under the bed cuff restraints for your legs and attach those, lock that little sissy clitty up inside of a chastity device or cock cage… put on your sexy panties

And then the last part is to bind your hands up above your head.

If you have one of those ‘fuck me’ dildo machines that has a dildo attachment and pulses (in a fucking kind of motion) – that would be fantastic.

At that point you don’t NEED to be on the bed…you can just bind your ankles together, your hands behind your back…and be in front of this machine as it shoves that cock into your mouth over and over again until you gag all over it – then get yourself turned around and offer up that sweet little sissy ass

Of course this is always fun if there is a REAL man involved…and a mistress– Someone to help tie you up and bind you, and the other to use his cock to penetrate you and fulfill your sissy doll training assignment.

This is of course part 2, when it comes time for you to ‘play’ I expect you to have on your sluttiest sissy outfit, and your sissy doll makeup on.

You will become the perfect little sissy fuck doll.