Michael is a sissy slut cross dressor

img_2317-813x1024I have found yet another sissy victim that needs to be OUTTED ~ there have been quite a few attention whores lately that need the public humiliation to be put back in their place and on the path that they ultimately belong .

This sissy likes to change names (she bounces from Michelle to Jessica to random other names) so unfortunately she has to use her ‘masculine’ name…this is the only masculine part about her, and even THAT needs to change.

Say hello to Michael Burdick of Albany, NY. (I must admit I chuckled when reading the last name of burDICK. Perhaps that’s why she was born with a less than acceptable cock size…or maybe this sissy thinks it makes up for it! LOL)

Michael has been dressing her whole life. She likes the idea of being exposed but has always backed out, fortunately (or unfortunately) for her, when you select to be outted by me you give me exclusive rights to whatever you are confessing, and I get to do with that information and those pictures as I please.

She does wonder what would happen if someone from her img_0898-993x1024personal life were to find out, would they be shocked? Would they be horrified? Would they NOT be surprised?

Michael is in desperate need of an extra dose of punishment and further erotic humiliation because she decided to purge ALL OF HER FEMININE ATTIRE!! That is a HUGE NO-NO. She thought she could walk away and never have to be a sissy again.

There is NO LEAVING THIS LIFESTYLE MICHAEL. It’s not something you just turn off and on. You will ALWAYS come back. That is something I teach all of my sissies.
I asked Micheal why she needed to be outted and she said “I need to be outted because it’s time everyone knows what a slutty crossdresser I am. I always get the urge and then lose my nerve, maybe this time I will not be able to turn back.”

Well my dear sissy, this time there IS NO turning back ~ and now the world wide web has access to your sissy slutty self. Let’s see how many places I can share this, perhaps a place closer to Albany.

Who’s next to be outted?

Are you a sissy that wants to be outted? How much can you handle?!

Sissy Outting for Beginners:

Sissy Outting the Next Step:

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