Foolish Sissy Thoughts

You crave the ability to just purge your foolish sissy thoughts.

Yet, the more you purge those thoughts…the stronger they come back – and the more foolish they become.

You are supposed to be a macho man. You are supposed to woo women and do the things that so-called macho men do – but while you may want to get into the panties of a very sexy Goddess…it is for entirely different reason. You don’t want in them to ‘get with’ her…you want in them because you want to wear those sexy, silky panties.

Deny, Deny, Deny – and it always comes back.

You want your foolish sissy to leave you for good.

Embrace your Foolish Sissy Thoughts with Mistress Lillith
Embrace your Foolish Sissy Thoughts with Mistress Lillith

You don’t want to sit there and fantasize about putting layer after layer of creamy, red lipstick.

You can picture it now can’t you. Puckering up, pushing those lips out and opening that tube of sissy red lipstick. Giving it a turn or two – and placing the tip and gliding it across your lips, from one end…to the next and back again – moving down to your bottom lip and repeating.

How many layers of this lipstick have you put on your lips? How dark do you like it?

You shake your head thinking, no I don’t really want the lipstick…but you and I both know you do.

Because you denied the lipstick another thought creeps into your mind.

Opening those luscious red lips to leave a lipstick stain around the base of a big delicious cock ~

See what happens? It’s a snowball effect. You deny something as simple as red lipstick, and now you are fantasizing about hooking up with random bulls to suck their cocks and leave lipstick stains on them.

You may see your desires as just foolish sissy thoughts… but foolish or not…there is no escaping them- there is no denying them. There is only embracing them.

I am the mistress that will help you embrace them…even if I have to force you to do so. You will learn to embrace your foolish sissy thoughts.

Although, it makes me wonder, what other foolish sissy tasks could I give you or get you to do…when you finally give in — and trust me my dear — you WILL give in.