About Your Sissy Camp Counselor

Mistress Lillith is your Sissy Camp Counselor

sissy camp counselor mistress lillith Hello there Femboy’s and girls. I am Mistress Lillith, your experienced sissy camp counselor. I am here to guide you on your erotic journey to become the sissy girl of your deepest desires.

I’ve been around awhile and have flourished with my sissy girls and feminization lovers. I understand the trials that you must overcome, the bravery it takes for you to step out that front door in your black patent pumps, wearing your red lipstick. I seek to teach you the ways of the girl, how to be the girl or woman of your dreams.

I specialize in training from the ‘burly man’ to the ‘girlie girl’—and everything in between—and I have an amazing track record for counseling those that are trying to purge your feminine attire for those moments that you try and just walk away from it all.

Like with most fetish lifestyles, there is no just walking away from it. It will always come back around. You want to be feminized, you crave forced feminization. Even the times you tossed your girlie threads, you were just left having to replenish your stock – it always comes back.

Being a sissy girl is a part of you, there is no escaping it.

I have always been dominant, and sharpened my feminization skills training under a Pro-domme from Las Vegas, Nevada. I have dabbled in pro-domme sessions. Now, my focus is reaching those that are out of reach. I enjoy online feminization training via phone, text and cam to cam.

Whether you are just starting and creating your own sissy wardrobe or trying to find your way through the world of feminization, I am the sissy camp councilor you’ve been searching for.

I am Mistress Lillith, and I will be your sissy camp counselor guiding you on this erotic feminine journey. Let the fun begin.

Feminization training to turn you into the woman you were born to be