Diaper Humiliation Training

Once again you’ve gone off and turned into a miss prissy pissy sissy

—and THAT is just unacceptable. You should know better than to be disrespectful to mistress, and you DEFINITELY know better than to act like a baby.

BUT…since you keep acting like a spoiled rotten adult baby…then Im going to treat you like one.

You stomped around and put up a fuss about wearing panties, and doing the simple feminization tasks that I assigned you. NOW you have to wear DIAPERS for AT LEAST a week.

I’ll decide at the end of the week if you get to go back to panties or not.

Here’s the thing…

I have to take you all the way back to your sissy baby phase. I have to build you back up in order for you to be the time of girlieboy that I would add to my corral. In order to do that I have to brake you down and nurture you back up.

If you would have just PUT ON those panties like I told you to, this wouldn’t be an issue. NOW…you have to walk around with the ‘swishing’ and ‘swashing’ in your pants. You MAY have gotten away with panties…but now your coworkers and those around you are going to KNOW you are hiding something.

HAHA How embarrassing is that going to be…and shall we discuss the bathroom procedures? Obviously you don’t get to go like a big boy. You have to go in your padded ‘widdle’ bottom pants and change your diaper in the men’s room. Perhaps I should notify someone to change it for you…to check up on you.

It would be best to get a pair of pink plastic pants to put on over your diaper in case of overflow and spillage. You nasty, naughty little pissy sissy.

You will learn…after you diaper humiliation training…you will learn.

4 thoughts on “Diaper Humiliation Training”

  1. I have been in diapers for years but it wasn’t until my wife had “SISSY BEDWETTER” tattooed just above my babydick that I accepted my fate. She thinks it’s time to move up from chastity having me neutered, if it makes her happy – it will be done.

  2. I have been considering going full time back into diapers. I enjoyed an Abdl relationship experience in the past, but got away from it from it for several years. I’m just thinking about logistics and finding the supplies I will need.

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