Exposed Sissies

Are you an attention seeker that wants to become one of my exposed sissies?

I have a plethora of sissies that just LOVE to be outted. My little attention-whore sissies adore having their pictures and stories plastered all over to be read, admired, adored and in some cases humiliated until they feel smaller than their little clitties.

I want all of my exposed sissies to be able to come to a place where they can click and go directly to their special spot on my sissy training camp blog that has their picture and story and any other pertinent information.

Sometimes a sissy will find themselves up here as a result of erotic blackmail (consensual blackmail). They agreed to complete certain tasks or certain sissy assignments and if they didn’t the picture and information they provided to me was to be posted publicly on my blog.

Which ones asked to be exposed sissies and which ones were forcefully exposed?

Perhaps the world may never know.

Visit my Exposed Sissy Hall-of-Fame to find all of the sissies exposed so far. 😉


Do You wanted to be added to the Exposed Sissy Hall-of-Fame?

There is a $20 fee to be placed onto my blog. That fee includes: Blog placement, page placement, immediate tweet after the posting with possible extra tweets later on (at my discretion/time). You can pay via Niteflirt or use my discreet billing. See Sissy Training Camp Session for payment details/options

What do I need from you to expose you as a diaper lover?

~Up to 3 pictures of you

~Tell me a little bit about you. When it all started, why and why you want to be exposed.

~Any other pertinent information that you would like included in the posting.

Feminization training to turn you into the woman you were born to be