Becoming a sissy fuck doll

Here is your free feminization assignment for all of my wanna be sissy dolls.

This first part is going to have you looking like a porcelain doll—the next part will include the bondage and spreaders to add in ‘slut’ to sissy slut and ‘fuck’ to sissy fuck doll.

Oh my dear little sissy sluts. You would look absolutely WONDERFUL dressed head to toe just like a beautiful porcelain doll.

I searched the internet for some porcelain doll makeup tutorials. As part of you becoming my sissy blow up doll, I want you to obtain this look

For your sissy doll look you will need to gather:

Eyes: white/gold sparkle shadow, any nude shadow, white eyeliner pencil, black mascara

Face: liquid foundation, blush, setting powder

Lips: Red opaque lipstick, clear gloss

(any excuse to go out and get new make up huh sissy slut?

The following instructions were taken from a Porcelain Doll Makeup Tutorial I found on Yahoo:

1. Eyes: Keep your eyes very simple. Begin with a nude eye shadow across the entire lid. Use a white eyeliner pencil to draw a clean line across the waterline, focusing on the outer corners. Use a pale gold or sheer sparkle shadow to outline the inner corners of the eyes with a thin cosmetic brush. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of mascara. Use a small mascara brush and black mascara to give your lashes a clean swipe. Be sure that there is n no clumps by cleaning the brush prior to application.

2. Face: To become a porcelain doll, you will need a flawless complexion. Liquid foundation is favorable, as it provides the smoothest coverage available. Find a foundation that matches your natural skin tone well and sponge it evenly over the face. Eliminate visible flaws on the skin, including dark spots, circles under the eyes, and blemishes with a concealer. Apply a rosy blush to the apples of the cheeks and blend well. Wipe off excess blush with a cotton ball. Dab skin highlighter on the center of your chin, top of the cheekbones, and bridge of the nose to create an instant glow.

3. Lips: Many porcelain dolls are seen with ruby red lips that take focus on the face. When wearing a bright lipstick, it’s best to pair it with a lip liner. The trick is to create a classic bow-shaped mouth. Draw an outline around your natural lip line with a lip pencil. Paint your lips with a red lipstick or lip stain and allow it a few seconds to dry. Finish off your lips with an application of sheer lip gloss. If you’re going out for the night, it may be ideal to carry around your lip cosmetics so that you can reapply after eating or drinking.

Interested in looking like a real, beautiful porcelain doll? It’s easier than it looks. Dolls are made to look simple and natural. The most difficult part of recreating a doll face is to take any even the smallest of imperfections. Use this guide to help you get started with your new look.

Once you’ve created the sissy porcelain doll look—number 1—I WANT PICTURES!!! J I want to see you dressed in your doll outfit, wig, shoes, the works. I want to see my pretty sissy dolls. What kind of sissy doll are you? Elegant, gone with the wind, type….a sissy baby doll…or some different kind of creation?

12 step sissy training

12 Step Sissy Training Program

Are you ready to enroll and brush up on your sissy studies?

In 12 steps (approximately 12 weeks) I will have you walking that sissy walk and talking that sissy talk.

How does it work?

You can’t fit all sissies into one simple little box. With the ‘sign up’ of your Sissy Training Program you have an in depth questionnaire to be filled out. From there I design the rest of the steps to match up with the kind of program you are looking for.

It is all about the individualized sissy attention.

What kind of steps are there?

Each sissy training program will vary for personalization. Steps often include, affirmations…finding the look for you…walking the walk, and doing the talk.

There are 12 steps all together and then I hold a special ‘graduation’ ceremony for you with a cam to cam session, a diploma and I reward you with a $50 amazon (or Victoria secret) gift certificate.

What kind of training is it?

It is a variation of phone, email, texting and cam training.

How to start? Purchase the 12 step sissy training program below:

12 Step Sissy Program

Diaper Humiliation Training

Once again you’ve gone off and turned into a miss prissy pissy sissy

—and THAT is just unacceptable. You should know better than to be disrespectful to mistress, and you DEFINITELY know better than to act like a baby.

BUT…since you keep acting like a spoiled rotten adult baby…then Im going to treat you like one.

You stomped around and put up a fuss about wearing panties, and doing the simple feminization tasks that I assigned you. NOW you have to wear DIAPERS for AT LEAST a week.

I’ll decide at the end of the week if you get to go back to panties or not.

Here’s the thing…

I have to take you all the way back to your sissy baby phase. I have to build you back up in order for you to be the time of girlieboy that I would add to my corral. In order to do that I have to brake you down and nurture you back up.

If you would have just PUT ON those panties like I told you to, this wouldn’t be an issue. NOW…you have to walk around with the ‘swishing’ and ‘swashing’ in your pants. You MAY have gotten away with panties…but now your coworkers and those around you are going to KNOW you are hiding something.

HAHA How embarrassing is that going to be…and shall we discuss the bathroom procedures? Obviously you don’t get to go like a big boy. You have to go in your padded ‘widdle’ bottom pants and change your diaper in the men’s room. Perhaps I should notify someone to change it for you…to check up on you.

It would be best to get a pair of pink plastic pants to put on over your diaper in case of overflow and spillage. You nasty, naughty little pissy sissy.

You will learn…after you diaper humiliation training…you will learn.

Sissy Slut Experience

My Sissy slut loves being pimped out by me to big strong men. Glory holes are his candy store.

See…he travels frequently and I’m often asked to give him humiliating tasks to keep him busy in the evenings. I always find new and creative ways for him to humiliate himself and be the sissy tramp whore that he just LOVES to be.

Actually it starts a bit BEFORE he leaves for his business trip…

As soon as we get the dates he’ll be gone the preparation begins. It starts earlier because he almost ALWAYS needs a new outfit to go out in. From platform heels, new lingerie, perhaps some ‘clubbing’ outfits, and he is ALWAYS adorned with the collar that I have given him. ~He actually has a couple of different ones…some reading ‘Lillith’s Bitch’, ‘Slut’, ‘Fuck Me’, and ‘Cum Dump’~

He has a new business trip in about 2 weeks and has already acquired the necessary outfit pieces.

A pink shimmer cowl neck mini dress that doesn’t even cover his ass. The piece of fabric is SOOOO small and he loves how much of a slut it makes him feel.

That is accompanied by a dirty blonde wig, some 8 inch platform lightup heels, and bright pink lipstick. There IS a matching G-string to it.

My pet is very much into self bondage, so while he is away…I often get him in contact with a local prodomme to go lock him up before the train starts rolling in.

He get’s signage that I have made for him and he puts them up at the entrence. His locks are due to come off in two hours.

What does he do for that two hours? He turns into the best cock sucking sissy tramp Ive ever seen…or he better hope to be.

The punishment is severe if there is one negative remark about his cock sucking skills. He’s been a sissy slut of mine long enough to know EXACTLY what is expected of him.

Would you like to be dressed as a whore and pimped out? How many cocks do you think YOU could handle…forced or coerced 😉


Humiliating Sissy Assignment

“Little miss muffet, sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and way.”

While Little Miss Muffet is just an innocent girl minding her own business…YOU are an attention seeking sissy whore looking for a naughty feminization sissy assignment.

This is what I want you to do.

Gather a petticoat, or another frilly, poofy dress. Nice and short so we can see those bare ass cheeks of yours.

Don’t forget your plastic panties with a pretty pink satin bow, and your pretty little miss muffet bonnet.

I want you to have socks with the frills at the top and black buckle shoes (or black patent Mary Jane shoes)

Make sure to bring along some extra pink ribbon, we will be making a pretty little bow around that pathetic sissy clitty of yours.

Once you gather all of your sissy clothes…I want you to dress up and take a pretty picture. (extra points for creativity and addition of creative Items)

I will display my pretty little sissy girls on my blog

THEN, actually call for an even MORE humiliating experience with a more personalized touch.

Oh~and brush up on the little rhyme…you may be tested on it later

Feminization training to turn you into the woman you were born to be