Sissy Closet

Welcome to the Sissy Closet

sissy closetI will be your personal sissy fashion counselor. I am going to teach you what is OK to wear and what is NOT OK to wear. Perhaps we should have our own sissy version of ‘What not to wear’

Through your sissy training journey, we will shop for and add items to your sissy closet for you to pull out when it’s time to dress up. Think of how exciting it will be to put on a sissy fashion show for your mistress on cam?

First thing’s first – masculine clothing of ANY kind is unacceptable.

From the time you step into the sissy training camp and take a peek into the sissy closet – you need to toss the boy threads. That may mean that you have to present your sissy camp councilor with a blank canvas. Yes, you will present yourself as NUDE for me to start from scratch. I would much rather start from the beginning and ADD to it. We are going to toss the garments anyway right?

Of course there are smaller details that will pull the looks together, such as proper pampering and hygiene. (For instance shaving your legs, arms, pubic area, face, just getting rid of unsightly hair). This is all part of your training course that we will go over in great detail. If you want to look like a perfect 10 or even come close…you will have to make and sculpt your body to a more feminine look and figure.

Dressing you from the bottom up

Panty and Bra Selection: Before you get to pick your outer garments, you will have to pick your undergarments. If you are a newer sissy we will go on a sissy panty shopping spree and you can find the design that works best for you. Do you like thongs, bikini cut, rhumba panties, full back, boy cut shorts, high waisted, etc?

As for the bras – do you want an old fashioned bullet bras, underwire, no underwire, push up, etc.

Tons and tons of options to choose from to add to your sissy closet. We’ll find what works best and looks best on you!

Hosiery Selection: You have a ton of options with these as well. Thigh highs, and stockings, nylons and pantyhose – 100’s of designs and in many different colors. Let’s find something that really shows off the curves of those sexy sissy legs.

Outfits: When we get into the outfit part of your sissy clothing selection we have to really figure out what personality you have. Maybe you like a wide range of female attire, or maybe you just want one general theme. You could like the blazers and pencil skirts for a sissy businesswoman, or you could want a fun floral print halter top summer dress with an open back or you may want some sparkly, barely considered clothing, sissy slut club girl wear. There is no such thing as boyfriend pants and shirts for my sissies. Those particular fashion options may be acceptable as a born female, but for you – I wouldn’t want to give you some false sense of masculinity. So…simply..NO. We will find skirts and dresses, shorty shorts and cute little bikinis. On occasion you may earn the right for a pair of skinny jeans, but those are earned and I will be strict with which ones you can add to your closet and which ones you cannot.

We will discover your sissy personality and dress it accordingly.

Lingerie/Special Outfits: Special and seasonal outfits are things we will add to your sissy closet when the season comes up. For example swimming suits are seasonal – and I can tell you that swimming suit shopping is a FABULOUS experience for any and all sissies looking to increase their feminine closets.

Diapers and Baby Clothing: There is a special type of sissy that needs a special type of closet. A closet filled with diapers and baby sissy clothing – tiny little black buckle shoes, and poofy, frilly dresses and princess printed onesies. If you are a sissy baby, don’t worry – we will stock your closet accordingly.

Lingerie is another thing we need to make sure you have plenty of. Slips and corsets, sexy robes and crotch-less panties, fancy nightgowns, and many, many other options. All sissies love their lingerie, hell, WOMEN love their lingerie. Be prepared to have quite the collection

Shoes: Every sissy needs at least 3 good pairs of high heels if not more, the higher the heel the better you’ll feel. I am a shoe fetishist, I own well over a hundred pairs of shoes: heels, boots, flats, sandals, etc. We’ll find the ones that you like. For shoes, it really is how you look in them. Women don’t care for ‘comfortability’ with shoes…and neither will you.

Makeup and Accessories: We will need to accessorize you before letting you out of the sissy closet. Accessorize, make-up, and hair. Completing these tasks will pull your full look together and you will be refreshed, and rejuvenated and you’ll be the perfect feminine sissy you’ve always wanted to be.

Time to go on a sissy shopping spree for your sissy closet
Time to go on a sissy shopping spree for your sissy closet

So let’s step into the closet and see what is going to work for you. Don’t worry there is something for everyone, from the novice sissy to the experienced sissy. If you don’t have a plethora of feminine clothes and accessories…then guess what?

It’s time to go on a SISSY SHOPPING TRIP!

I look forward to working with you on your perfect sissy wardrobe as your sissy fashion counselor.

Feminization training to turn you into the woman you were born to be