Sissy masturbation how-to

Sissy Masturbation can be quite the complicated subject…considering the fact that you shouldn’t REALLY be a HOW-TO without the permission of your sissy trainer’s permission.

However, if you are granted permission you should remember one thing:

You are a sissy. You are a girl. You should masturbate like the sissy girl you are.

You may have seen how to masturbate like a sissy on my sissy diaries blog as well, but here, I will go into a little bit more detail.

As a sissy trainee you are put under strict chastity for a while – that time is to be determined by me. You must learn to be compliant first and foremost and I have a saying:

Sexual Frustration = Compliance, Sexual Freedom = Defiance

So which do you think I will impose on you?

For those that have earned the right to be free of chastity, they are then put on a cock control cum restriction regimen – ONLY during that step can you earn the right to a sissy masturbation session.

IF/WHEN you have been granted permission you must do everything outlined on my sissy diaries page for “How does a sissy masturbate?

BUT, as you start rubbing that clitty recite the following sissy affirmations:

~This is a clitty, not a cock

~I am a sissy girl, not a man

~I rub this clitty in the name of my mistress

You only have permission to rub in a circular motion while applying lipstick or lip gloss to your lips repeatedly.

If you have toys and dildos you are expected to suckle on them and get them nice and lubed up to slip into that sissy pussy, into that nice tight little ass.

You can pump your toy, and you can rub your clitty. Remember no stroking like a real man strokes. That is not allowed.

Of course, nothing is quite as satisfying as being made to spew that sissy spunk while on the phone with your mistress guiding your sissy masturbation – and you know I’ll have even more specific guided masturbation instruction for you and your sissy clitty.

This is just to get you started ~ You may now be wondering how a sissy should orgasm? Haha, well…once again…only with permission.

6 thoughts on “Sissy masturbation how-to”

  1. I love being a sissy! Please feminize me mistress — is it ok for a sissy to masturbate? I love playing with my sissy clitty.

    1. When I’m in my pink sissy girls bedroom and wearing my favorite pink bra&panties I become KamiGirl .I am all female and I will be a good sissy slut and never think of my clitty as a cock.A cock is what I worship and my Clitty is me.So when I need to have an orgasim,I will straddle my 12inch dildo and pump my tight ass pussy.

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