Sissy Strip Tease, How-To

Time for you to learn a new trick to entertain the masses. You are after all a little sissy whore that just LOVES the attention aren’t you.

There are a couple of questions here though – do you enjoy entertaining your mistress and a grouping of her friends, or do you prefer to act like a sissy slut whore and entertain those men with their big delicious cocks—then again you can be a sissy that enjoys a bit of both.

Regardless of WHY you like the attention, you still need to learn a bit of a strip tease the right way.

Strip Teasing for sissies 101

sissy-strip-teaseFirst LEARN THE MOVES ~ sway your hips back and forth slowly, learn how to whip them around and bounce that sissy booty. Learn how to take your body throw it forward and use your finger tips to outline your legs, and run them as you slowly pick your body back up.

If you have any sort of rhythm then picking a song to practice to will help your body to feel the rhythm.

Get your body to flip around do twists and turns.

Second Add in some props

Once your body is getting into the rhythm, go find yourself a sexy little prop. You can use a boa, you can use a chair to dance around, you can use one of those portable stripper poles. The chair is possibly the easiest one to get a hold of –you will dance around it, straddle it, crawl underneath it…act as though you are giving a nice long, sensual lap dance to the chair.

With the boa use it to outline and accentuate your feminine curves. Drop it below that sissy ass, rub it in between your legs. You could pair it up with the chair.

The stripper pole, you’ll want to make sure is nice and secure for obvious reasons 😉

Walk around it, stretch that leg up as far as you can and place it on the poll, use it for leverage as you stretch your body back and forth.

Third add on (or rather take away) the clothing

Find that one perfect sissy outfit that you would LOVE to strip in. Pick a cute little mini skirt nice and tight, perhaps a satin pink color. Pair it with a plunging neckline halter top shirt. Put on a sexy little g string and some nipple flowers. DON’T forget the 6 inch platform heels.

It make take some getting used to, but you need to learn to dance in those heels.

Find that song that makes your body get into the groove and start putting your dance moves and slowly start to remove one article of clothing after another.

A good sissy strip tease would take at LEAST the length of the song.

And a GREAT one includes make up and flirty actions…like twisting your hair, smiling, sucking on your finger, licking your lips and a few others.

I would LOVE for you to learn how to do a sissy strip tease, and I would be THRILLED if you recorded it and sent me the video – you could always do it for me on cam as well 😉

Get to practicing sissies!

I look forward to seeing your sissy strip tease.

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