What is your Sissy Personality?

What is your Sissy Personality?

Finding out your sissy personality is pivotal. Everything centers on your sissy personality. Everything you do, how you dress, your sissy training regimen, how your mistress interacts with you – there are numerous ways that your sissy personality has an effect on you as a person, as a whole.

While you may have some elements of one personality and some elements of another, they don’t always cross over and some can be on opposite ends of the spectrum. I specialized in individualized sissy training and discovering your sissy personality is a step BEFORE the steps. Simply getting to know you will help determine your sissy personality.

I am not a fan of pigeon-holing any one. I am aware that not all submissive and not all sissies will fit into one neatly packaged box. They may be similar, but they will still have their own special little kink and quirk that makes them unique.

Some Sissies already have an idea of WHAT their sissy personality is What category or categories do you find yourself leaning towards?

Panty Slut Sissy

panty slut sissyA panty sissy is one that just loves the look and feel of slipping on a nice comfy, sexy pair of panties. You may also be referred to as a panty boy. Sometimes you are just a boy in a bra and pair of panties, sometimes you want to feel more feminine and girlie inside a pair of panties. I love my panty sluts. You have a special determination to get a hold of the panties. Sometimes you steal them from your girlfriends and wives, or wives best friends, you’ve taken them from Laundromats, and you’ve even gone shopping to get your own that fit nice and snug around your waist.

Panty slut sissies may also enjoy lingerie and hosiery. They don’t always want to dress in full femme attire, just the panties and undergarments will excite them enough to place them in that sissy subspace.

Sissy Bimbo Slut

A Bimbo sissy slut is one that likes to dress and act like a deprived sex addict. You want the itty bitty outfits that show off all of your naughty parts. You want to attract the attention of big black cock, or any big cock for that matter. You are overly eager to offer up that sissy pussy for a good pounding, and you crave to get on your knees to slobber on a nice big chunk of man meat. You have a cum eating addiction and love the way you feel when you are full of a nice load.

You like smeared lipstick and eye liner, and ADORE the highest platform stripper heals you can find that will pull your outfit together. Sissy Bimbo Sluts are fun to play with – whether they just like to dress the part and roleplay out the forced cock sucking scenarios or they dress up and then head on down to the glory hole to pimped out by their sissy training mistress.

Service Sissy Maid

sissy-maid-sissy-personalityService sissies and sissy maids like to dress in appropriate house cleaning attire and want to please their mistress or sissy trainer. Some of their house cleaning tasks may be viewed as demeaning or can be structured so they are humiliating, emasculating tasks.

Some of the services involved include cooking and even sometimes shopping for their mistress. Sissy maid husbands are often found in this category. It is their job to clean and cook and run the errands so their wives are pampered and spoiled. They often like to be cuckolded as well. Since they are sissies, they know they are not REAL men but their wives and girlfriends NEED a real man. So sometimes the service is to dress her for a date and seek out an accommodating mate—a real man.

Service sissy maids that are into the cuckold experience, may also be tasked with servicing the bull and fluffing him for his mistress, sissy trainer, wife and/or girlfriend.

BFF Sissy

These are feminization lovers that just enjoy connecting with their trainers. You want to share and learn tips and tricks, you want to go shopping together you want to act like best girlfriends. Mani/pedi’s are a fun pastime and so is heading down to the mall for a shopping spree. You like to share secrets and talk about your favorite memories. Even when you are in a training session you are just living in the moment and feel incredibly connected to your sissy camp councilor.

BFF sissies sometimes like to be lesbian lovers. Ever heard of sissy sex and high heels? Let’s just say that is a fun mutual masturbation role-play involving a sissy and her loving mistress.

They certainly love their fun time with their mistress and are over-all happy and go-lucky, just going with the flow of their sissy training program.

Forced Feminization Sissy

Maybe this is the personality you have been desperately seeking out. You aren’t even sure HOW you stumbled onto this blog. You are a ‘real man’ – a ‘macho man’. But…sometimes…you are forced to do things you don’t want to do.

You are somehow forced into wearing pretty panties and lingerie. You are forced into wearing humiliating female clothing and forced to act like a little sissy girl. HAHA ~ It happens…and for some naughty boys the sissy camp councilors are not afraid to put you in your place.

Sissy Baby

Sissy Baby PersonalityMaybe you don’t really desire to dress in ‘grown up’ female clothing. You seek a more, youth-ish look and feel. You want draws full of pampers and plastic pants. Some cloth some disposable. Some diapers with pretty little designs on them.

You are a diaper loving, sissy baby that seeks proper abdl training. It can be quite different from other sissy personalities, but some of my abbies have had other pieces of different personalities sprinkled in, on TOP of their ultimate sissy baby fantasies.

You want to be dressed in your Sunday’s best with cutsie little sissy baby girl clothing. You want pig tails and to drink out of a bottle and suckle on your paci.

Oh yes, sissy babies sometimes get a little naughty and like to get naughty beyond filling their diapers (fulfilling the diaper lover trifecta).

Other sissy personalities

There may be some that are not covered, but that doesn’t mean they are excluded or forgotten about. Perhaps you just have an incredibly unique sissy personality.

Some other sissy personalities include:

Business Sissies – They just want to be dressed in business attire, and work in women lead businesses (like being a consultant at victoria’s secret or david’s bridal)

Summertime Sissies – The sissies that just enjoy coming out when the warm months are around and the itty bitty bikinis come out, and all that sexy femme skin starts to show.

Transgender Sissy – You have an ultimate goal of actually going through the change. You are no longer interested in just the look of clothing and acting like a woman. You have plans and are on a path to become a real woman…turning that outtie into an innie.

Blow-up Doll Sissy, Robot Sissy – You are immobile until your sissy camp counselor and sissy trainer bring you to life. You are there to dress and do as I please and can’t say no. You may enjoy bondage and bdsm and like being forced to do humiliating tasks against your will.

What is your sissy personality?

So, do you know where you fit in? If not…your sissy camp councilor is here to determine your individual sissy needs and set you on the path that you’ve always wanted to go on.

Feminization training to turn you into the woman you were born to be